Concrete Scoring

An excellent option for both new and old slabs, scoring is an easy way to add depth and texture to an otherwise blank slate. Scored concrete features a series of groves that have been cut into the concrete to create a distinct pattern or design. It is different from stamped concrete in that texture is not imparted onto the surface of the slab. Scoring, also known as sawcutting, can be done both indoors and out to achieve a variety of decorative effects. Before moving ahead with a scoring project, ensure that your concrete is structurally sound and has an intact surface. If there are unsightly cracks or spots where the concrete is chipping or flaking away a decorative concrete overlay may be the better solution.

Design ideas for scored concrete floorsstained-pattern-tan-custom-concrete-solutions_66873
Scoring can be used to create straight borders, bands, diamonds, stars, rectangles, or other shapes on the surface of the concrete and then stained to contrast with the abutting concrete. Scored and stained concrete floors are an economical option for homeowners compared to other choices such as hardwoods, which often have hidden costs (especially if you live in a multi-family dwelling that requires a cork base for noise reduction). The most popular and cost-effective scoring pattern is a large grid design, sometimes cut on an angle to look like diamonds and often stained a shade of brown to create the appearance of warmth. However, specialty designs such as this hand-scored vine or these custom logos can also be created.